Shiv Vardhan Sadhna

Blessing in the divinity of Shiva

Shiva and Shakti are the epitome of energy, practicing months of ardent "Shiv Vardhan Sadhna", Dr. Didi has been under religious meditation; which has opened a divine door on a plane beyond Dr. Didi's already enlightened soul. Experiencing the divinity and blanketed in the powerful aura of Lord Shiva, she has been able to formulate a special meditational routine for the upcoming Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. A pilgrimage already highest in the order of divinity, each stoppage has its own holy significance. Kailash Yatra has said to have an impact on each practitioner and meditator, Dr. Didi's meditation technique will only elevate the aura of meditation and will double the impact of the holy place. Through this meditation, the whole of each being will be transformed and will have inculcated the 5 gems - Sadhna, Tap, Jap, Yagya and Sewa